What We Do

The ECWDB's role is to ensure that the local workforce development system is market-driven and responsive to meeting the employment and training needs of both job seekers and employers. Specifically, the ECWDB:

  • Coordinates rapid response meetings with employers who are downsizing or facing a plant closure;
  • Serves as a point of contact for business, industry and the public sector to identify solutions that address their workforce needs;
  • Promotes strategies to encourage life-long learning and improve workplace skills;
  • Assists in the development of new training programs to benefit the region's workforce;
  • Conducts planning, oversight and evaluation of local workforce development programs to include the NCWorks Career Center system;
  • Offers advice regarding workforce policy and programs to local elected officials, employers, education and employment agencies, and citizens;
  • Coordinates with economic development efforts to promote the region's availability of qualified workers; and
  • Reviews local agency plans and grant applications for workforce development to ensure coordination of services.