Occupations in Demand

North Carolina's 5-Star Jobs represent occupations with the greatest projected employment potential through 2024. Occupations were rated from 1-5 stars based on wages, projected growth rates, and projected job openings. For a complete list of Star Jobs and explanation of the rating process, visit North Carolina Star Jobs

Star Jobs Lists

Please see the Documents section of this page for lists of Star Jobs in two of our regions by minimum education level. 

Middle-Skilled Occupations - "The Forgotten Middle"

The National Skills Coalition has identified the largest part of the United States and North Carolina's labor market as middle-skill jobs. These are occupations which require education and training beyond high school but not a four-year degree. Many middle-skill job offer a family sustaining wage and are in high demand in the ECWDB area and nationwide. They also provide an entry point to a pathway of upward mobility. Some middle-skill jobs are: electricians, nurses, engineer technologists, paralegals, law enforcement officers, dental hygienists, industrial maintenance workers, and many, many more.