About the Youth Council

Mission Statement

To support and enable high-quality youth programs that empower today's young adults to become tomorrow's productive citizens.


The Eastern Carolina Youth Council will engage with our youth and young adults to understand and eliminate barriers to employment while they build their skills and earn industry recognized credentials. We serve and inspire young people to achieve their educational goals and pursue a career pathway of their choice.

What is the Eastern Carolina Youth Council?

  • The Council is intended to bring together local workforce training providers, schools, community organizations, and others, in an effort to better coordinate youth funds and services in the community and create a youth service network.
  • The Council oversees all the youth programs in our Local Area. They provide input as to the activities and services that affect the youth participating in these programs.
  • The Council has a say in how the youth programs are funded.

Who are members of the Youth Council?

  • Employers
  • Representatives from Juvenile Justice and Local Law Enforcement
  • Public Housing Authorities
  • Organizations that have experience dealing with youth
  • Job Corps
  • Former participants
  • And most important, Young Adults