Pamlico Community College builds upon national reputation for excellence in 2020

Jan, 5th, 2021

Pamlico Community College in 2020 significantly built upon its growing national reputation as one of America’s premiere community colleges. It did so in dramatic fashion by being ranked this year the No. 1 community college in the nation in student educational outcomes. When judged among community colleges across America using U.S. Department of Education measures of student success data, PCC is ranked as the best anywhere in the nation.

PCC’s President Dr. Jim Ross enthusiastically credits the faculty and staff of the college as being the reason for this extraordinary national accomplishment. 

"I could not be more proud of my colleagues at Pamlico Community College for their exceptional dedication to the success of our students,” said Ross. “Our outstanding faculty and staff have strongly embraced an idealistic, team-oriented spirit totally dedicated to making lives better. There is an amazing culture here that we are a family that is truly dedicated to making the world better by selflessly serving one student at a time with a caring touch. This national ranking shows this is working.”

Ross continued, “Helping students reach their educational goals, regardless of their circumstances, is the primary focus of our college’s faculty and staff. By doing so, we help make our wonderful community of Pamlico County even better.”

In August, PCC was rated America’s No. 1 community college in Educational Outcomes for students by WalletHub. This national honor was based on an analysis of nearly 700 two-year institutions across America using data from the U.S. Department of Education and other sources. 

WalletHub determined its rankings by scoring each college on these factors: first-year retention rate; graduation rate; transfer-out rate; degree and certificates awarded per 100 full-time-equivalent students; student-faculty ratio; share of full-time faculty; presence of special learning opportunities such as dual enrollment or distance education programs; and credit for life experiences. 

Also in 2020, Affordable Colleges Online (AC Online) ranked PCC as North Carolina’s top two-year college in providing online instruction. This is a significant designation as colleges and schools across the state and country moved instruction to a web-based format. AC Online used data from the U.S. Department of Education and other sources to compile its rankings. 

In its announcement, AC Online said colleges and universities on its list of Best Online Colleges in North Carolina represented the best and most effective options for online education in the state. 

“These schools combine academic excellence and low tuition costs to give students the most value for their dollar,” the organization’s website states. “We ranked these schools based on quantitative metrics such as graduation rate and in-state tuition cost, along with qualitative factors like availability of career advising services and academic resources.” 

Ross said receiving two national recognitions for excellence in the midst of the worst pandemic in recent history provided the college and the community with some much-needed good news. 

“I am very proud of all of our employees for making so many lives better during these extremely difficult times for our country,” he said. “Credit for these two honors, like every other state and national recognition PCC has received in recent years, belongs to the entire hard-working team of faculty and staff members at the college. It also belongs to our college’s supportive community, including our Board of Trustees, our donors, and all of the families who invest their trust in us to provide a high-quality education close to home.” 

Ross, who was praised statewide this year in the news publication EdNC for his exceptional optimism and team-oriented leadership at PCC in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, this week emphasized his belief that this Christmas season is a good time to be thankful for the good that is all around us and to be optimistic about the future.

“There has never been a better time to be alive,” he said. “Our ancestors would marvel at the incredible blessings and opportunities we have. While we must recognize that challenges lie ahead so we adequately address them, it is important that we also enjoy the great parts of life, cherish our loved ones, and let those we love know how very much they are cherished.”

Ross continued, “I believe better days are ahead, and Pamlico Community College is ready to keep serving you with high-quality education to make your life better in 2021 and beyond. All of us at PCC wishes our community a joyous Christmas season and a happy and healthy year ahead.” 

Readers are encouraged to e-mail with suggestions for PCC to serve the community even better. 

By Sandy Wall

252-249-1851, ext. 3010