Job Seeker Services

Services Available Through NCWorks Career Centers

The Eastern Carolina Workforce Development Board oversees a wide range of services for job seekers in our region. These services can be provided by our network of NCWorks Career Centers.

The goal is to provide all the services you need to get a great job all in a single location. These services include:

  • Skills Assessments - Learn more about yourself and choose a career pathway in which you will be successful. A variety of assessment tools are available to evaluate your employment abilities, interests and basic skills.
  • Job Search Assistance - Decrease the amount of time spent job searching alone and increase your chances of finding a great job with great wages. Explore your career options with a career advisor or get assistance with registering with and using
  • Resume Preparation - Increase your chances of finding a great job with great benefits. Prepare a professional resume through available software, workshops, or staff assistance.
  • Job Listings - Reduce the time spent searching for jobs across several job boards. Employers list jobs directly with us and on
  • Career Planning and Development - Increase your skills and potential for finding work. One-on-one career advising is available to identify skills training and education needed for employment in the local labor market.
  • Connection to High School Completion and GED - Increase your competitiveness in the job market and become eligible for a post-secondary education program. Connect to the classes needed to get your high school diploma.
  • Occupational Skills Training for a Specific Career - Receive assistance with obtaining post-secondary education certificates, diplomas and degrees to increase your earning potential. Referrals to specific training programs available for the local labor market.
  • Literacy Skills - Increase basic reading, writing and math skills to become competitive in the job market or eligible for promotions at current workplace. Referrals to programs designed to improve your basic reading, writing and math skills are available.
  • Job Search and Classes – Increase your chances of getting an interview and landing a great job with a great salary. Classes are available to assist individuals in preparing for the job interview, develop a resume, or to prepare for employment.
  • Support Services – Increase your chances of success in a career pathway training program. Help is available for eligible individuals to find assistance with childcare, transportation, or address other challenges that could affect their success in a job.

Contact ECWDB or the NCWorks Career Center in your county today to learn more about how we can help connect you to a good job, training and a bright future.

To see what type of job fits your personality, check out Traitify!

The ECWDB has launched Traitify in the Southeast Prosperity Zone. Traitify is a quick (90 seconds) and easy work-based career assessment that is designed to measure personality traits. The personality data gathered identifies specific aspects of how someone works, the type of work they would enjoy and even includes details such as which personalities they would work well with and those that may pose a conflict. To try Traitify for yourself, please visit:

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