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Mr. Zachary Martinez

Adapt and Overcome

Mr. Zachary Martinez : Success Story – New Bern Office

If COVID-19 has taught all of us anything, it is to adapt and overcome. It has been a time of constant change – a time in which we have had to review what the latest news is and change the course accordingly.  One way we have adapted within our office in Craven County is by developing a Virtual Hiring Event model. This model has allowed jobseekers an opportunity to connect with employers in a safe environment. Our first success story with the virtual hiring event is Mr. Zachary Martinez. 

Zachary logged into NCWorks on April 2, 2020 to begin the job search process.  He received a “Welcome to NCWorks” email on April 22, 2020 by Reeshema Walker, manager at NCWorks Craven, outlining our services and resources available to him.  On May 8, 2020, Beth Miller, Career Advisor, began the process of working with Zachary to help him with his job search and to refer him to the Virtual Hiring Event with Dradura.  Zachary was referred to the event for May 12, with a phone screening to follow the next day.  Zachary had a successful phone screening and was referred onto an onsite interview to follow on May 14.  He was offered and accepted a position as a temporary employee with Executive Personnel Group assigned to Dradura on May 18. Human Resource Manager Evelyn Hill with Dradura USA Corps was very pleased with the hiring event.

This is only one example how the NCWorks Career Center staff can continue to serve our jobseekers and employers in any situation and deliver results.

Hard Work & Determination

Camden : Adult Success Story

Camden was a 26-year-old Infantry Rifleman in the United States Marine Corps at Camp Lejeune, when his 4-year contract with the military was ending. Camden needed to upgrade his skills and obtain credentials that would assist him in obtaining gainful employment once he left the Marines. He wanted to work in the forestry industry and was interested in the Powerline Technician course offered at Coastal Carolina Community College. The problem was the cost of the training was outside Camden’s financial means. Camden connected with the WIOA Military Employment Enhancement Initiative to solve this problem. WIOA’s Military Employment Enhancement Initiative (MEEI) is a grant opportunity designed to assist in training costs for veterans, transitioning military members, and military spouses. MEEI was developed by the Eastern Carolina Workforce Development Board to help exited and transitioning military personnel, their spouses, and veterans obtain the necessary credentials to enter the civilian job market. Eligible participants qualify through an application process and are selected based on type of training, motivation, and suitability of the training in today’s job market. The program can assist with training related costs such as, tuition, books, supplies, exam fees and support services. Camden connected with the WIOA-MEEI program Military Employment Specialist through the Transitioning Readiness Services (TRS) on Camp Lejeune. He began the application process immediately, was deemed eligible, and entered the WIOA-MEEI program on January 4, 2019. Camden received permissive orders through his chain of command to attend the course while still enlisted in the Marine Corps. This allowed him to attend day classes in lieu of his regular activities. The grant covered the costs of his tuition, books, supplies and licenses. As required by the WIOA-MEEI program, his attendance was tracked and grades reported to ensure Camden was fulfilling all objectives toward meeting his goal.

While attending the course, Camden’s instructors spoke volumes about his character and drive. He is a natural leader and his determination and focus are qualities that make a lineman successful. Shortly into the course, The Davey Tree Expert Company visited the campus to recruit potential candidates for employment opportunities locally as well as nationally. Camden was selected as a potential candidate and scheduled an interview with the company recruiter on February 1, 2019. After the interview, Camden was offered a full time position for $17.00 an hour as a Climbing Arborist Trainee. He accepted the position and began working in June 2019, shortly after being released from Active Duty Service. Camden credits his family, his chain of command, Transitioning Readiness, the WIOA-MEEI grant program, his Powerline Technician instructors, and The Davey Tree Expert Company for his success. In all honesty, it was Camden’s hard work and determination that brought him to where he is today.

Heart felt appreciation for the excellent customer service

Danny : Adult Success Story

On July 9th, 2019, Duplin County Career Advisor Charliss Gwynn contacted Danny to complete a Subsequent RESEA appointment.  Danny had been laid off from Building Maintenance Services where he performed general apartment maintenance. He conducted light electrical and plumbing work, repaired and buffed tile flooring, and installed, finished and painted dry wall. Mr. Ash also maintained the HVAC unit by changing filters and cleaning coils. 

During their conversation, Danny stated he knew without some type of maintenance certification, especially HVAC, his employment opportunities in his field were restricted.  Employers had stated that they “would have hired him immediately if he had more HVAC experience or some certification in HVAC.”   Danny had since enrolled in a short online HVAC class and indicated he would like to take additional classes, but lacked the funding to do so. Charliss explained he may be eligible for tuition assistance through the WIOA- Dislocated Worker Program. With Danny’s permission, she promptly transferred him to her teammate, Christy Jeffers, JSCC WIOA Case Manager.  He was subsequently enrolled in the WIOA-Dislocated Worker Program and registered for the HVAC class and a welding class offered through the Continuing Education Department at James Sprunt Community College. Danny is currently working and will start classes this month to obtain the qualified credentials needed for advancement in his field.  In late July he called the Career Center manager to express his heart felt appreciation for the excellent customer service Charliss Gwynn provided.

Professional Journey

Nancy : Adult Success Story

Nancy began with the WIOA Title I Adult program 07/24/2018 and she graduated on May 08, 2019 with her Associate Degree in Nursing.  She was part of the 39 members who passed the National council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN) on their first attempt.  She has begun her professional journey with UNC Health-Wayne County Medical Center as an RN in the Medical Surgical Department.

Leadership and Success

Nyquan : Youth Success Story

Nyquan is a 20-year-old student at Carteret Community College who recently enrolled in the WIOA Youth program due to a special receipt of grant money to support in-school students who were nearing the end of their training goals.  Nyquan is in the last two semesters of his Associate’s degree and plans to transfer to East Carolina University to study Communications.  He is the Secretary for Carteret Community College’s Student Government Association and is dedicated to his educational goals and assisting his peers on campus.  Nyquan has received awards through Vocational Rehabilitation and the national Society of Leadership and Success.  Nyquan was also inducted into the English Honor Society in 2019. Nyquan was referred to the WIOA Youth Program to assist him with building his professional skills and assist him with preparing for a career in Communications. Prior to entering the WIOA program, Nyquan had worked in Retail Sales and Custodial services.  Shortly after enrolling in the program, he was matched with a work experience in the Carteret Community College’s Student Services Center.  This work experience will allow him to develop his communication skills by engaging with potential and enrolled students as they navigate the higher education environment. He will be tasked with participating in outreach opportunities to market the college as well as assist in targeting diverse groups of potential students within the County.  Nyquan brings a sense of dedication, professionalism and integrity to his current work experience.  He credits his current involvement with WIOA and his work experience with helping him getting “real world” life experience and work experience to assist him in meeting his career and personal goals.  Nyquan was asked to provide a quote that inspires him and his response was the following quote by Lyndon B. Johnson, "Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose." Nyquan is a role model to his peers and continues to strive for excellence. 

Sherry Garner 

Graduated with Honors

Sherry Garner  : Adult Success Story

Sherry Garner was employed with a local doctor’s office for 29 years.  When the doctor decided to retire and close his practice, Sherry found herself without a job.  She enrolled into an HRD Program in order to enhance her computer skills.  In May 2012, she enrolled in the WIA Dislocated Workers Program in the Biotechnology Program at Lenoir Community College and transferred to Pitt Community College to complete her degree. 

Sherry received her AAS degree in Biotechnology from Pitt Community College.  She graduated with honors on May 12, 2014.  She maintained a 4.0 GPA and was featured in the Career Focus magazine at Pitt Community College in the Spring as a top student in the Biotechnology Program.

Sherry did her internship at Metrics in Greenville.  As a result of her hard work, skills and abilities, she was offered a job upon graduation.  She is employed full-time as a Quality Control Lab Analysis with Metrics, Inc. a pharmaceutical company in Greenville, North Carolina.  She works in the Cleaning Verification Department.

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