Annual Report Program Year 2019-2020

Feb, 22nd, 2021
We are proud to present our PY 2019-2020 Annual Report! 

We have put together this annual report to acknowledge the efforts of everyone involved and to present the impact that we have made in our community over the past year. The dedication, commitment, and hard work of our staff, NCWorks partners, and service providers enabled us to deliver quality services to businesses and individuals in need.

This was a year like no other, and everyone involved has put forth extraordinary effort to continue pouring into our local community. It is more important than ever to develop our workforce and we have adapted through the pandemic to do just that.

We could not have accomplished everything that we have without the active and generous support of our Board of Directors and the ECWDB Consortium. Their countless hours of effort dedicated to our mission has been critical to our success.

Through our combined efforts, the economies of our local communities will continue to thrive.

(Click on the image to the left to access the Annual Report PY2019-2020 PDF)