NCWorks Pop-Up Booth

Sep, 16th, 2021

News Release

An NCWORKS Pop-Up booth was held inside the Base Exchange Food Court at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base on August 18th. This was organized as a direct outreach event that took place on Seymour Johnson Air Force base. This was a partnership with the Wayne NCWORKS Center and Seymour Johnson Family Support to provide information on On-the-Job Training opportunities, NCWORKS programs, NCWORKS registration, job seeking, and Veteran’s support services. The booth was manned by OJT Specialists and DVOP representatives out of the Wayne NCWORKS Center. This event allowed outreach to individuals who would not normally come into a center and increased the visibility for NCWORKS programs and services.  

Recent News

Making a Difference with American Rescue Plan Act

The Eastern Carolina Workforce Development Board (ECWDB), in collaboration with the NCWorks Career Center Managers and Two Hawk Workforce Solutions, has been making significant strides in On-the-Job Training (OJT) opportunities for small businesses with 25 employees or fewer.

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WIOA Started Garrett on the Path to his Dream

Working through the Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act (WIOA), Garrett was able to enroll in the Automotive Systems Technology Program and obtain a paid work experience.

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NCWorks Helped a Veteran Move

New River Apartments, previously low-income housing, was condemned and scheduled for renovation and repair. One elderly disabled veteran was forced to move without notice and NCWorks came together to help him!

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