Veteran Craig is Awarded Life-Changing Free Car!

Dec, 14th, 2023

A few weeks ago Timothy Baker, Onslow County NCWorks Hybrid Veterans’ Career Employment Services Consultant II, was contacted by a newly formed veteran service organization he had made contact with during outreach called CAS-EVAC. The director contacted him asking if he knew of any veterans who may be in need of a free vehicle. The director then linked him with Caliber Collision Marketing Director for further details about qualifications for the nomination. After some thought, Timothy decided to nominate Craig, a Marine Corps Veteran, husband, father to six children with number seven on the way and the assistant manager for Tru Fit Health and Supplements.

As is the case with many service members, Craigs transition from active duty back to civilian life was not the easiest, he faced challenges, hurdles, bumps, setbacks along the way. He had found himself unemployed and homeless for a time, but he never gave up. Craig has become a cornerstone at Tru Fit Health and Supplements, no matter what he has going on in his personal life, he greets every customer with a smile and a plethora of knowledge about health supplements and workout advice. He would bend over backwards and go the extra mile for anyone that needed help, Craig has even become a ordained minister, still helping and mentoring others. Now, as you can probably imagine, having a large family can be expensive and all the logistics of everyone’s day can hectic, what made the situation exponentially worse is that Craig and his family only have one vehicle. Most days he has to get dropped off at work so that his wife can take care of the kids between school and after school activities and doctors’ appointments.

Timothy nominated Craig with his story because he has given so much of himself and never expected anything back in return, he has been a selfless leader both at work and in his community, he deserves the honor of this free vehicle, both to help ease travel hardships at home as well as to facilitate his future leadership at work and in the community! About a month and a half or so after submitting the nomination Timothy received a phone call from Kim Kimbriel of Caliber Collision with the news that Craig had been selected and is to be awarded a free vehicle! 

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